Classes and Fees

$85/per 4 week session

$35 Annual Enrollment Fee

FREE Praise Classes

10% OFF when you are signed up for multiple classes/multiple family members

Toddlers Classes


These classes emphasize creative movement as well as basic dance steps and techniques.  Props such as drum sticks, ribbons, balls, and hula hoops are used to encourage musicality.

Ages: 2 1/2-3 1/2

Preschooler Classes


At this age, students are able to retain more information from week to week than they were able to during their toddler years.  Therefore, basic steps are re-introduced and repeated for maximum retention.


*Dancers must have taken at least 1 year of B/T/J 3-5 in order to enroll in B/T/J 4-6.

Ages: 3-5 and 4-6

Classes for 6-8 and 8-10


These classes are designed to continue the skills learned in the pre-school division.  Combinations are introduced as well as other forms of dance including praise dance, musical theater, and hip-hop.

Ages:  6-8 and 8-10

Classes for Ages 10+

These classes are designed to continue the skills learned in the 6-10-year-old division as well as emphasizing the importance of strength, placement, stamina, and memorization.  Designed for the more seasoned dancer, combinations are longer, more complex, and require the use of the entire body.  The study of ballet is a must for this age level.  New forms of dance are introduced as well, including modern, contemporary, and lyrical.
*Students must have the approval of the instructor to enroll in Advanced classes in this age level.

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Ages: 10+