Classes for Ages 6-10

These classes are designed to continue the skills learned in the preschool division.  Combinations are introduced as well as other forms of dance including: praise dance, musical theater and hip-hop.  At this age, students are now eligible to be invited to join our award-winning Performing Company and Competition Team.


The following classes are offered for this age group:


  • Ballet I/II (Ages 6-8)

  • Ballet III/IV (Ages 6-8)

  • Jazz/Tap I/II (Ages 6-8)

  • Jazz/Tap III/IV (Ages 6-8)

  • Ballet I/II (Ages 8-10)

  • Jazz/Tap I/II (Ages 8-10)

  • Tiny Praise (Ages 5-8)*

  • Beg/Int Praise (9+)*

  • Mini Stretch/Flex**

*Praise is a class that is offered free of cost and is first-come, first-served.  This class may not be offered in the Summer due to scheduling constraints. Dance shoes, class and performance costs may still apply. The Annual Registration fee is still applicable..


**Mini Performing Company members only.



Ballet classes require solid-color tights, any color leotard or ballet dress, appropriate ballet shoes. Ballet skirt is optional. Hair and bangs slicked back into a ponytail or bun.


All other classes require a leotard and tights or jazz pants. Appropriate dance shoes are to be worn in each class. Hair and bangs slicked back into a ponytail or bun.


We ask that dancers do not wear bare legs, bra tops where the stomach is exposed, or street clothes. Old costumes with sequins and big skirts to class are not allowed as they are distracting for students in class.

1 Grp Didley Squat
1 Grp Didley Squat

E Rust team
E Rust team

2 Grp Redo Christmas Soul
2 Grp Redo Christmas Soul

1 Grp Didley Squat
1 Grp Didley Squat